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    Modern Fireplace Designs by Lyric

    Minimalist Fireplaces That Stun, Delight, and Awe

    Minimalism has been the dominant trend in fireplace design for years. Once a rarity, seen in only the most luxurious resorts, modern fireplaces have become architectural staples in homes and apartments around the world. It’s not a passing fad, either. Marked by classic beauty and enduring style, Lyric’s modern linear gas fireplaces have what it takes to stand the test of time.

    modern linear gas fireplaces

    The Front-Facing Fireplace

    Silence often says more than words. Simplicity trumps intricacy. Clarity triumphs over noise. That’s as true in the world of architecture and design as it is in writing or painting or sculpture.

    The simplest and most traditional of Lyric’s models, the front-facing fireplace features sleek lines, classic proportions, and an elongated design that fills a space—modern elegance at its finest.

    Rather than blending into the background, a no-frills fireplace makes a bold statement. In the absence of ornate mantles and hearths, the flame itself becomes the center of attention. No embellishments necessary.

    The Three-Sided Fireplace

    The three-sided fireplace turns minimalism on its head. Glass encloses the flame on three sides, adding depth and creating a panorama of stunning beauty. The result? Simple yet stunning. Clean yet dynamic. Classic yet unconventional.

    The best part is that the three-sided model is versatile enough to complement any aesthetic. Do you embrace contrast? Do you love contradiction? Go ahead and combine the modern sophistication of a three-sided fireplace with a more traditional interior design style—hardwood floors, cottage kitchens, stucco walls, antique décor.

    The Corner Fireplace

    Corner fireplaces surprise with their incompleteness while delighting with their grace. People go for corner models when they want to break up the symmetry and monotony of a room or when they want to place a fireplace in an unconventional location, such as in a corner nook or at the edge of a dividing wall.

    The sparseness of the fireplace means you can play with the décor to your heart’s content. From stacked logs and wicker baskets to HD TVs and mid-century modern chairs, the options are nearly limitless.

    The Free-Standing Fireplace

    Who says a minimalist fireplace has to be flat? Who says it must be surrounded by a bare white wall? The Free-Standing Fireplace, with its black frame and vintage look, is a testament to the flexibility of minimalist design.

    With its simple lines and elegant curves, the Free-Standing model is as austere as any front-facing fireplace, but, instead of disappearing into the wall, it juts out into the room. Not only does that make for an easier installation, it also adds an unmistakably modern charm to any space.

    Creativity You Can Embrace

    modern fireplace in a traditional cottage

    A frameless fireplace encircled by a stark tableau? A modern fireplace in a traditional cottage? A minimalist masterpiece surrounded by maximalist décor? Why not? Just because you have a minimalist fireplace doesn’t mean you have to have a minimalist home. Because of their simplicity, modern fireplaces fit well with almost any interior design scheme, from shabby chic to Hollywood glam.

    Whether you want to create contrast or harmony, Lyric can help. Browse through our catalog to get inspired and learn more.